Dutchbone Ronde Bijzettafel Pose Marmer, 25cm – Koper


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Dutchbone Ronde Bijzettafel Pose Marmer, 25cm
With our furniture, lighting and accessories you turn every home into a cosy space – a place to warm your soul. We create that warm atmosphere through well thought-out products brimming with character. Our designs are inspired on bygone days of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Nothing is perfect: the trick is to see perfection in imperfection. Every scratch, stain and ring mark tells a story. Often handcrafted, with slight imperfections to lend a touch of authenticity. Our products are designed to last for years and become an integral part of your story.
* Inspired by designs from the 50s, 60s and 70s
* Always made from the highest quality materials
* Handcrafted by true workmanship
* Often provided with an unpolished finish for a vintage look
* Designed with rich materials and deep colour tones for a warm atmosphere
* Merk: Dutchbone
* Materiaal: Tafelblad en poot van gerecycled aluminium met onderstel van marmer
* Montage: Eenvoudig zelf in elkaar te zetten
* Overige info: Marmer is een natuurproduct en kan daarom variëren in kleur en is gevoelig voor vlekken.
* Hoogte: 47 cm
* Hoogte: 47 cm
* Diameter: 25
* Maximum belastbaar gewicht: 5